Friday, July 9, 2010

i ♥ spackling

Last weekend was a holiday weekend and of course we used the extra day to get things done at our house. Even though it was about a 100 degrees outside and not much cooler inside I painted the room that will become the guest bedroom. Meanwhile Peter was working in the yard, with no shade in sight. Before I was able to start painting one water damaged wall needed to be fixed. First I scraped of the paint that formed bubbles and then started spackling the area to make it blend into the surrounding area. After it was dry I sanded it to smooth it out. Then I painted the previously damaged area with oil based primer, primed the remaining walls with latex primer and painted the walls with two coats of latex paint.


I have to admit I actually like the effect on the third picture...but the freshly painted wall is not so shabby either. Never spackled an area this big and who knew I had it in me...Really like the outcome.

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