Sunday, February 27, 2011

it's miller time

Finally some progress on my February to-do list

- finish fireplace - almost there, cast iron fireplace door is spray painted, still needs to be put in place
- cover panel for island and finish painting trim in kitchen - done!
- prepare the hallway to get painted - first floor hallway is done, we even painted the baseboards and most of the doorframes already, second floor hallway, most baseboards have been caulked
- assemble bekväm step stool and decided what color to paint or stain it - decision on color has been made

I addition to above mentioned items I also cleared the area around the workbench in the basement in order to be able to actually work on it. The beer stickers I already noticed a while back because they are prominently displayed above the work area. While sweeping under the workbench I found numerous hooks for fishing, doe urine (yuck) and a bullet. It's like being on one of those crime shows where I get to puzzle all the clues together who lived in this house before us...


Thursday, February 17, 2011

presidents day weekend to-do list

In anticipation of the upcoming three day weekend and all the little projects we could cross off our list we already bought the supplies we need last weekend.We got numerous bottles of caulk, a piece of plywood cut to size to become the kitchen island cover panel, oil based primer and a can of black behandla glazing paint from Ikea for Bekväm. Hopefully we will finish all the little things in the kitchen like the cover panel for the island, painting the trim, crown moulding, window and door frames. We also want to prep the hallway so it can be painted one of these days.

To get a head start I already taped off the baseboards and window/door frames in the kitchen yesterday so Peter can paint them. I will paint the crown moulding and do not need to tape the edges off. Also I cleared out an (still unfinished after 1.5 years) cabinet that is standing in the kitchen and was used a dumping ground for all kinds of stuff. It will be stored it in the basement until I come around painting it.

Let the weekend begin...


Thursday, February 3, 2011

revisting january's to-do list

This was my January to-do list

- finish the
- cover panel for kitchen island
- prepare the hallway to get painted
- assemble Bekväm step stool and decide on what color to paint or stain it

and I got exactly nothing done!

I have worked on the fireplace door though. It's almost ready to be spray painted. Already got the spray paint and primer. But I have organized our office which was a dumping ground for all kind of stuff and now you can almost recognize it as habitable which wasn't even on the list but the mess drove me insane.

Well that leaves me with my to-do list for February

- finish the fireplace
- cover panel for kitchen island and finish painting trim in kitchen
- prepare the hallway to get painted
- assemble Bekväm step stool and decide on what color to paint or stain it

reading nook

We have two bay windows, one in the dining room and one in the living room. I have always loved bay windows and imagined myself sitting on a window seat and read. Although we have the windows we don't have any built-in window seats.

This is how the dining room/bay window looked before we started painting. Those shades were the yuckiest thing ever but we didn't throw them out for a while because we couldn't figure out what to put in its place and we needed the privacy. There is an apartment building on the side of the house and the tenants could look into our place when they are going in the basement to do their laundry.


We painted the walls in the bay window the same gray as the dining room and living room. It's Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore. The calderesque mobile from CB2 and the floor lamp we already owned. The lamp used to stand next to one of our sofas in the old apartment and the mobile I had never taken out of its box. I saw it in an issue of Domino (R.I.P.) and had to have it. It's from a company named EQ3 and because there wasn't a store in my area I called up one and bought it sight unseen.

Next came the chair, it was a birthday present I gave myself last year and I got it at the DWR Annex in Secaucus. We live kind of close to it and I like to stop by there sometimes just to browse around...The little side tables are from CB2 as well. At first I thought they were a little too matchy matchy with the colors of the mobile but I really like them now.


So far I have not been sitting there to read but sometimes when I talk on the phone I sit there and watch the people walking by...

Seeing the pictures now I need to do something about the cord of the lamp...
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