Friday, April 19, 2013

estate sale finds - metal cabinet

It is finally Friday! This work week just zoomed by in an instant. Guess that happens when you are busy. Because I did not prepare a proper post for today I will leave with some photos of my latest estate sale find, a metal cabinet with a glass door. Once I have scrubbed it, it will look great in the kitchen.

Have a lovely weekend! What are your plans? I will be trying to get all the items ready I want to sell at a flea market next months. Me and a bunch of friends decided to set up tables together and use the day to chat and make a little extra cash from items that we do not use anymore. Already did this the last year with one friend and it was a fun day...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

three years in number 40

Yesterday three years ago P and I closed on our house. It was somewhat scary to sign all the papers and spent so much money, that didn't even belong to us but in the end we never regretted the decision. We fell in love with the house right when we walked in, at least I did. Even though there were lots of things we wanted to change about the house, the bones were just right. Last year on our second anniversary of homeownership I wrote a handful of recap posts with projects we had finished in the first two years. This year there will only be one summary of the main changes we made in and around the house. These days this little blog turns three years old as well. Since I have not been blogging very regularly in the beginning I just recently crossed the 300 post line, this will be post 306. If you want to walk down memory lane with me check out the post that started it all. The house and the blog have come a long way in the past three years and I am looking forward to what the next years will have in store for us...

Happy hump day my lovelies!

Monday, April 15, 2013

week fifteen

Whoa, week fifteen passed by as quickly as the weeks before. Can't it just slow down a little because like this I always feel as if I am two steps behind everything. On Monday evening the klutz in me came out and I burned myself pretty badly on my wrist while boiling water for a cup of tea. I never had a 2nd degree burn before and got worried when a huge blister formed on my arm but when I had my doctor check it out it wasn't as bad as I though and now I can already see that it started to heal. The weekend was a lazy one again, on Saturday P and I walked over to an estate sale around the corner from where we live. Of course I didn't leave empty handed and ended up buying a metal cabinet. The house where the sale was at was amazing, at least at one point in time it was pretty grand. It had amazing details like woodwork and tin ceilings. From what I understand it will be for sale soon. Too bad I can't fix it up...Sunday we had brunch with a group of friends and because the weather was so nice we ended up on a roof bar after to catch some rays. I could do that more often...What was your week/weekend like? Lazy like mine or did you get all worked up on a diy project or something like that?

Happy week sixteen! Let's what you will bring us...

Friday, April 12, 2013

NJoy - jersey city loew's theater - part l

This post is long overdue, P and I watched O Brother, Where Art Thou? back in March, as you see in the first photo. That weekend they had a Great Depression theme and all movies shown fell in that category. I left the theater with a song from the movie stuck in my ear. But enough about the movie this is a post about the theater we watched it in and because I took so many photos of the interior I decided to split it in two posts, one just for the exterior of this old movie theater and one post for the interior.

The Loew's Jersey theater was build in the roaring twenties and opened its doors on September 28, 1929. In its heyday it was considered “the most lavish temple of entertainment in New Jersey”, with a price tag of $2 million dollars it had state of the art equipment, a large stage, an orchestra pit that provided space for 40 musicians, dressing rooms and a large rehearsal space.While the theater managed to stay open into the 80ies, in 1986 it was sold to a developer. In August of 1986 after a last installment of Friday the 13th the theater closed its doors and was scheduled for demolition in April of the following year. Since the theater is obviously still here its fate was not not sealed by being sold to a developer and being slated for demolition. I will tell you all about what happened in my second post about this theater next month. Hope I made you a little curious about what you will discover inside...

Have a great weekend everybody! Do you have any plans? There is an estate sale around the corner from where I live tomorrow that I want to check out and on Sunday I am having brunch with friends...

PS. Check out my guest post over on Ana's blog Fluxi On Tour. I wrote about some of my favorite spots in NYC...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

wednesday favorites - tulips

With temperatures in the 70ies and 80ies during the last days I have spring on my mind. In my lunch break I enjoyed sitting in the sun wearing my sunglasses and no jacket. This kind of weather draws me outside and makes me want to be more active. With springtime finally here I am also starting to get obsessed with bringing spring into the house as well and what better way than to do it with flowers. One of my favorites are tulips. Recently I browsed Pinterest and found hundreds of images with tulips. Today I am sharing some of my favorites with you. Do you have a favorite flower that evokes the feeling of spring in you?

Monday, April 8, 2013

week fourteen

I cannot believe we are entering week fifteen already. Time is flying by too fast and I currently feel that I am always three steps behind. P was on a business trip all week and I thought I would have a lot of time catching up on everything but I have to admit I didn't get much done all week besides working on my latest Saarinen chair like a maniac. Wednesday night I scraped off all the remaining foam bits and pieces from the seat and the backrest so I could glue on the new foam in my upholstery class on Thursday. Since there is only one class left to finish the chair I needed to get busy cutting and sewing the fabric for the new chair cover. It took me almost five hours Friday night to cut everything because I had barely enough fabric and laying the old fabric out onto the new in the best way possible took forever. It might not have helped that I watched a movie while doing this. On Saturday the mother of a friend helped me sew, actually this time she sewed everything for me as I couldn't get the whole piping thing to work. I could have never done it by myself and am so grateful for her help. Next thing on my list is definitely a sewing class, there are another 4-5 chairs that need upholstery work in our basement and I want to be able to do all the work by myself. Because Friday and Saturday were pretty busy I needed a lazy Sunday, first I slept in until 10am, which rarely happens and from there I only changed into my sweatpants and spent most of the day on the couch reading or watching tv. Although the weather looked pretty nice yesterday I didn't even set a foot out of the door all day. Oh, well once in a while we all deserve a day like that! Hopefully your weekend was equally relaxing! After the day on the sofa I am ready to tackle week fifteen, let's see what it will bring...

Monday, April 1, 2013

week thirteen

Hello week fourteen! Goodbye week thirteen! Can you believe we already have April now? Where did the past months go? I hope your last week was a great one and you enjoyed your Easter weekend. We certainly did! On Saturday friends flew in from Germany and because the weather was so amazing we headed straight to the city after they freshened up after their flight. We took a walk along the highline, with thousands of other people who had the same idea. Throughout the city you could see crocuses, daffodils and other flowers and trees starting to bloom. I cannot wait for the cherry tree in front of our house to be in full bloom and the beginning of Spring means that we are close to starting our backyard transformation as well. Already dreaming about hanging out on our future deck and having friends over for a bbq. On Sunday we played tour guide again and after a hearty brunch headed back to the city. Unfortunately the weather wasn't as nice as Saturday and we didn't spent much time walking around. Today our friends will be flying to San Fransisco and go on a big road trip. I wish I could sneak into their luggage and go on this trip with them.

How did you spent the week/weekend? And did you see any signs of Spring in your area? I talked to my family back in Germany and heard that Easter weekend  looked more like a white Christmas. 

Have a great week fourteen everybody!

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