Thursday, November 11, 2010

small progress

Phew...I feel like we didn't finish any of the projects we started so far. There is progress but everything gets finished in baby steps even though we work on the house each weekend. It's probably just my impatient self and working on a hundred things at once.

One of the projects we started is working on our living room fireplace which was bricked up and also had a raised stone hearth. We already thought it would look nice to open it up when we looked at the house for the second time. The first time it was covered under bags, furniture and all kinds of other stuff so we didn't really see what it looked like and assumed it is open like the one in the dining room. The brick and the stone was removed and surprise! we found some kind of vent (?) for our heating system in it. That was probably the reason why it was bricked up in the first place. Bummer!
We also discovered the original marble plate underneath the raised stone but unfortunately it was not in the best condition and it is too small as well. It even showed the floorplan of the old mantel. Immediately we thought about what we could do to make it look nice and somewhat original to the house...I found a cast iron fireplace door/summer cover on ebay for 30$. And the best part of it was that the seller was local and we were able to pick it up. We also picked out this black and white marble mosaic to go on top of the old marble piece. The fireplace will hopefully finished over Thanksgiving weekend.

On the pictures you can also see that we got rid of the door opening on the left side of the fireplace. The opening didn't make sense to us and led to a small hallway from which you enter the guest bathroom and bedroom. You can still access the small hallway from the main hallway which is sufficient for us.


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