Monday, January 3, 2011

redoing the master bathroom - part one

Our upstairs bathroom was not really our style and the shower was a fiberglass (?) insert shower with a frosted glass door which made the already small room feel even smaller. I always felt like I was at a motel taking a shower. We both agreed the bathroom needed to change and started talking about what we wanted in a new bathroom. Since the room is on the small side and even has a slanted ceiling above the toilet the layout needed to stay as is, which also kept the cost down.


We knew we wanted white subway tile in the shower and a dark floor. Also we liked the Kohler Purist fixtures because they look nice but are not crazy expensive like some other bathroom fixture series and brands. The IKEA vanity and sink had the perfect size and price. It's actually a little smaller than the old vanity but the drawers give maximized storage space - more room for us and our stuff!

This is what we came up with...


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