Monday, November 26, 2012

week forty seven

Hope you all had a great (long!!!) weekend! I sure enjoyed mine. Why can't every weekend be three or four days long?

Thanksgiving we spent with friends and the rest of the weekend we hung out at home. I prepped some posts for the upcoming weeks and even started writing down lots of ideas for posts. If I would turn every idea into a post I will be set for next year ;) Saturday night I pinned together the fabric pieces for my current upholstery project and will be sewing it together next weekend with the help of a friends mother, like last time I still don't trust my sewing skills. Can't wait to see the finished chair. Yesterday was P's birthday, I took him out for brunch at Satis around lunch time. It is always hard to find a present for him because he usually gets everything he wants himself but this time I found a great one, a portable record player. He left all his records and the record player back in Germany when we moved to the US but that didn't stop him from buying more records in the past years. Now he can finally listen to them...

We also prepped our bathrooms for the upcoming demolition and renovation. All the pieces for each bathroom are piled neatly near each room and we even managed to put together the IKEA vanities. Even our bathtub is here, we had some trouble getting the right one delivered. First they delivered the wrong one, second time around they only picked up the wrong tub and didn't swap it for the right one but the third time was the charm. Looking forward to a hot bubble bath soon!

Have a great start into week 48!


  1. What a great present.
    You seem to be very well organized for the coming bathroom renovation. Can't wait to see before and after.

  2. Mustard tights! Love them, and love your shoes, too! That record player was a pretty clever gift, especially for your music-loving hubby. Can't wait to see the bathroom reno progress. I give you major props for assembling both vanities and living to tell about it! xoxo

  3. Very cool gift and the restaurant looks great too: Happy Belated Birthday to P!

  4. Oh niiice - can't wait to see the renovated bathroom!

  5. your feet photos always make me want to buy new shoes and boots! i love the mustard tights with the royal blue shoes, tres chic! i often write down blog post ideas but then i forget where i wrote them down at!

  6. I'm still in re-entry mode, slowly catching up, but Christine said exactly what I always think. That my wardrobe is boring and pedestrian compared to yours, Miss Nina! I think you had a perfect weekend! What a great present and what a great time for a birthday. Lots of lounging and bathroom planning. I swear, you'll be done before we are!

  7. Well, it sounds like you finally and completely feeling better from that nasty cold. (I think I got what you had.) Great gift idea! I'm imaging that some very great music is now playing throughout your home. Good luck as you embark on the bathroom renovation. Can't wait to see the after shots. ;)


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