Monday, February 18, 2013

week seven

So sorry guys but I think it's becoming a habit with me to post a day late lately. I totally forgot that it is Monday today, all days from this long weekend felt the same because I caught a cold again and have been lying in bed the whole time. Luckily we have HBO right now and I watched movies when I was awake. Can't even remember which ones. I had so many plans for the weekend like catching up on reading blogs, taking photos for mine and doing some spring cleaning around the house. Guess this will have to wait until the next weekend...

Last Wednesday a friend of mine took me to an event at Anthropologie for the new Karen Walker collection they are selling. Of course I fell in love with all the pieces that had stripes or polka dots or a combination of both. As you already know I had my upholstery class on Thursday and from your comments on Friday's post I think I will start working on the green chair next. I hope I can handle the challenge because it will involve much more sewing than the last one. I actually started looking into taking an upholstery class after finding the green Saarinen chair on craigslist because I didn't want to spent a fortune having it reupholstered by someone else. So this chair has been sitting in our basement for quite a while and it deserves to be pretty again.

I hope the rest of the week my posting will be on schedule...Enjoy week eight!


  1. Ha, better late than never and I love your recaps! That Club Monaco window is awesome. I'm happy to hear that Anthro event went well, but that would seriously be a drain on my wallet for sure :) Sorry you have another cold! I'm thrown off too thanks to an extra-long weekend (I had Frida off, too!). Back to the grind tomorrow. Hope you feel better!

  2. The yellow chair has really come along! I love the sleeve detail on that polka dot piece and the bird feeders look great even with snow on them (and I see the snow doesn't hold back the birds either) Feel better!

  3. the little birdies and their feeders are so sweet! this has been the worst flu/cold season, blah! sorry you caught another bug. resting and sleeping and tv watching is the best medicine. the chair looks amazing!

  4. Oh, Karen Walker event at Anthropologie - Sounds fun! Happy to hear the green chair is going to be your next project. I know you can do it. You're a master at upholstery now. (smile) Ok, take care of that cold and feel better. Blog when you can, no pressure.


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