Wednesday, November 2, 2011

vitra special edition hang-it-all

Last year I was so exited when the Herman Miller Select 2010 edition of the Eames hang-it-all came out. Although I love the colorful version the grown-up version with its black metal frame and the walnut balls was looking mighty fine to me. Unfortunately I couldn't commit to buying one and when I was finally ready to splurge on it, it was sold out.

I was hoping Herman Miller would have another special edition this year and while browsing the internet I stumbled across the special edition by Vitra that is available until February of 2012. They come in three different versions and that doesn't make the decision any easier. Maybe I need one in every color...



All photos are from the
Vitra Website and the special edition is available through the Online Shop of the Vitra Design Museum.


  1. Very nice!! I would love to hang my coat on one of those when I get home. I also love the 'traditional' (lol) colourful one, but that orange one (!!) is so sweet. Thanks for pointing out these new colours.

    Paisley (BYW)

  2. Wow, the black one with wooden knobs looks classy! I defenitely would go for this one :)

  3. The look and feel are so completely diferent (vs. the original bubble gum colours). Looking forward to meeting up tomorrow!


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