Wednesday, November 30, 2011

workspace shopping

I got one step closer to getting an organized workspace when we stopped at Ikea on Sunday to pick up a drawer unit for all the small bits and pieces that were flying around on my desk. Also in my shopping cart were a new simple mouse pad and a new desk lamp because the old one couldn't be attached to my new desk, the one I found on the street back in August. I really liked the Aröd lamp but the whole lamp including the foot was way too big for my small desk so I decided to go with the Forså lamp.


1. desk found on the street 2. Aröd work lamp 3. Lågis mouse pad
4. Forså work lamp 5. Alex drawer unit


  1. Nice, I like the Aröd work lamp a lot! With such a nice office you should ask for at least 1 home office day a week ;-)

  2. Your new (old) desk is just too cool - love to see the whole workspace!

  3. Oh now I'm jealous not to be out home office shopping (although I have my eye on the Besta system). Love the finish on the Forsa lamp.

  4. MsK, I wish I could work from home once a week. Also Ikea has and Aröd floor lamp, maybe I can squeeze that into one of our rooms ;)

    A76, I'm almost finished :)

    Santa, we actually have the Besta system in our living room. Looks great!

  5. I love it that you found that desk on the street! I work from home, although for various reasons I've been out of my "office" and on our desktop in the family room for most of the fall. Back up to my perch in a few weeks. The desktop stays in the family room though, and I'm dying to spruce it up a bit. I need to get to an Ikea and maybe pick up that Alex drawer set for the printer. Never have enough drawers...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Wow, der Schreibtisch ist ja toll! Du Glückspilz!

  7. Lauren, that's exactly what I'm intending to use the Alex unit for and you're right one can never have enough drawers.

    Anonymous, Danke :)


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