Sunday, February 27, 2011

it's miller time

Finally some progress on my February to-do list

- finish fireplace - almost there, cast iron fireplace door is spray painted, still needs to be put in place
- cover panel for island and finish painting trim in kitchen - done!
- prepare the hallway to get painted - first floor hallway is done, we even painted the baseboards and most of the doorframes already, second floor hallway, most baseboards have been caulked
- assemble bekväm step stool and decided what color to paint or stain it - decision on color has been made

I addition to above mentioned items I also cleared the area around the workbench in the basement in order to be able to actually work on it. The beer stickers I already noticed a while back because they are prominently displayed above the work area. While sweeping under the workbench I found numerous hooks for fishing, doe urine (yuck) and a bullet. It's like being on one of those crime shows where I get to puzzle all the clues together who lived in this house before us...


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