Thursday, February 17, 2011

presidents day weekend to-do list

In anticipation of the upcoming three day weekend and all the little projects we could cross off our list we already bought the supplies we need last weekend.We got numerous bottles of caulk, a piece of plywood cut to size to become the kitchen island cover panel, oil based primer and a can of black behandla glazing paint from Ikea for Bekväm. Hopefully we will finish all the little things in the kitchen like the cover panel for the island, painting the trim, crown moulding, window and door frames. We also want to prep the hallway so it can be painted one of these days.

To get a head start I already taped off the baseboards and window/door frames in the kitchen yesterday so Peter can paint them. I will paint the crown moulding and do not need to tape the edges off. Also I cleared out an (still unfinished after 1.5 years) cabinet that is standing in the kitchen and was used a dumping ground for all kinds of stuff. It will be stored it in the basement until I come around painting it.

Let the weekend begin...


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