Tuesday, May 10, 2011

another vestibule update

I have been busy again last weekend trying to finish up working on the vestibule. Next step was painting the door to the hall closet. First I needed to spackle all the holes and dings in the door as well as hide the screws in the "kickplate" (see second last photo - although this is another one of our lovely doors because I forgot to take a good close up picture of the before conditions). The door looked kind of weird and lost with only having trim on two sides so I bought a piece of matching trim and attached it to the top. Already much better! Also used some leftover trim on the "kickplate" too...

See the duck in the first picture, it was left by the previous owners as a door stop to keep the door closed. Well we don't need ducky anymore because I installed a magnet to keep the door closed. The hinges are still the same, just stripped the paint off and the little door knob I found in my tool box. By using mostly existing items I managed to spend only about $37 on the project so far (Quart of tinted primer $15, trim $8, ceiling medallion $10, lamp holder $2, door magnet $2).


There is some weird trim action going on on the right side of the door. Not sure what purpose the piece in the upper right corner is serving but I was afraid of ripping it out. Should I paint the little piece of wall framed by the trim dark as well or should I leave it white? Debating this with myself right now...


The existing "kickplate" looked similar to this one before I worked my magic ;) I countersunk the screws and then filled the holes with spackling paste, sanded everything and finally painted the kickplate.


This is how the underside of the door looks like - not pretty but you can't see the ugliness now that it is hung.


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