Thursday, May 26, 2011

memorial weekend to-do list

Like most holiday weekends since buying our house, the upcoming memorial day weekend will be used to start/finish a project. This weekend we want to fix up the front door, paint and hang the bedroom door and get the house ready for the arrival of P's parents next week.


We already got the house numbers a while back at the DWR Outlet in Secaucus. The mailbox we found on sale on (they don't have them on their website anymore, that's why I linked to the manufacturer's site). In order to be able to complete the project this weekend we also bought a stainless steel kick plate and hinges at Home Depot, a lamp at a local re-store and two cans of exterior paint.

I'm not divulging the paint colors yet but you are more than welcome to take a guess ;)


  1. ich weiss es, ich weiss es :))) freu mich schon auf deine Fotos bzw. es dann "live" zu sehen. Viel Erfolg + Gutes Gelingen am Wochenende.
    Deine Anonymous

  2. Hi, hi Dir habe ich es ja auch verraten ;)

    Wuensche Dir ein schoenes (langes!) Wochenende!


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