Monday, July 18, 2011

new (old) dresser

I discovered this dresser on craigslist last week. P picked it up after work one night and it is sitting in our basement right now. The paint was already pretty beat up so I decided to strip one corner to be able to see if there would be some nice wood under the coat of paint. It was and because the paint was coming off so easily I started stripping the whole dresser. I am nowhere near finished but it's a good start.

The rest of the weekend was really productive and we got a lot of things done:

*painted the front door (not quite finished - will update soon)
*put up our new house numbers

*hung the new mailbox

*checked out our local Goodwill and Salvation Army stores for a desk, sadly didn't find anything

*prepped all door frames, baseboards and window frames in the upper hallway for paint



  1. Toller Fund! Craigslist ist hiezulande ja leider (noch) nur was für Ober-Geeks und hat so wenig Einträge...

  2. Danke! Auf Craigslist findet man manchmal echt coole Sachen. Schaue zur Zeit jeden Tag, da ich noch einen Schreibtisch und Beistelltische brauche :)


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