Thursday, August 18, 2011

to-do list

My parents will be visiting us in a little over two weeks and they will also bring my sister and her boyfriend with them. Meaning we will need a second (makeshift) guestroom. Which means it's time to say goodbye to our "dump room" where we stored the remaining unpacked boxes (yes, there are still some after a year) and some leftover furniture and doors.

My to-do list before the family arrives is:

-clear out dump room ✓
-spackle walls ✓
-sand walls ✓
-prep room for painting
-paint walls
-paint trims and window frames
-clean ceiling fan
-sell/give away unwanted stuff on craigslist - last piece has been picked up a little over an hour ago ✓
-make room look nice for my sister and her boyfriend
-upholster Plycraft chair

I just love to cross stuff off my to-do list!


While clearing out the room I found a bag that had Stolmen written on it. Stolmen is a wardrobe system from Ikea in case you're wondering. Turns out it's the long missing mounting fixtures for our wardrobe which we already replaced with new ones. But unfortunately we had to replace them with white pieces because they had discontinued the silver hardware. Now we can make it all match again. Yay!



  1. In our bathroom-to-be there are boxes too that need to be cleared out. Luckily I done mine two weeks ago - so only hubby's are left there...

  2. That would irritate me slightly also until I had found the rogue pieces!

  3. I still haven't changed out the hardware yet. Might not have bothered me as much as I though ;)


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