Wednesday, December 7, 2011

neutra house numbers in red

The Neutra House Numbers we got from Design within Reach are also available in red now. I wonder what color I would have painted the front door if we had bought them instead of the Aluminum ones. Maybe black or grey?


If you do like the lines of the Neutra house numbers the Neutraface fonts created by House Industries in collaboration with Dion Neutra will be right up your alley. One of these days I'm treating myself to one of the Neutraface font packages...


  1. Cool - but I love your orange door with the aluminum numbers!

  2. Wow! I love those. We have a purple door, and I bet the red would look great. How's that house project coming? ;)

  3. Lauren, you're talking about my workspace makeover right? It's still in the works but I'm getting there. It was way more work than I expected ;)


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