Monday, December 5, 2011

another one bites the dust

On Saturday we (actually I didn't do any of the work, it was P and R working) tore down the existing ceiling in the basement below our kitchen. Turns out above the wood planks were tons of dirt which blew very fine dust into every room in our house even though I taped the basement door shut and the openings to the kitchen. The dust was worst in the kitchen but it traveled everywhere in the house so we spend our Saturday and our Sunday morning cleaning. When I first saw the mess in the kitchen I had a little bit of a melt down but now that everything is back to normal I'm happy again, although all muscles in my body are sore. And I thought that this would be a relaxing weekend...

You may wonder why did we tore down the ceiling in our basement. The answer is that we added insulation underneath the kitchen floor because the basement below gets very cold in the winter and therefore the floor gets very cold as well. We will see if the kitchen stays warmer once it really gets cold here, so far the weather has been pretty balmy.

With the house there is regularly work waiting for us and inevitably renovating is not always a pretty sight ;)



  1. Der Titel erinnert mich an ein Song von Queen. Ich habe in der Schule tagelang nur Queen gehoert. lg


  2. I am sure that every dust of reno was worth the insulation + ur non weekend rest :) so u can enjoy many WARM weekends in the kitchen!!! Looking fwd to staying in touch via our blogs.

  3. Baustaub kann echt unerbittlich sein - Fliesensägemehl hat sich bei uns über 3 Stockwerke verteilt, in Sekunden...
    DU hast mein vollstes Mitgefühl!

  4. Ada, it was well worth it :)

    A76, ja der Staub hat sich im ganzen Haus verteilt. Dafuer sind jetzt wenigstens die Kuechenschraenke, auch von innen, blitzeblank und ordentlich ;) Immer positiv denken!


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