Tuesday, March 20, 2012

woman vs chair - round 4

The chair finally did it and knocked me out during last weeks class. I had trouble piecing the pieces back together because the lineup marks I made didn't line up. Weirdly enough they matched the original marks and the original pieces fit together perfectly. Argh! I guess it was because the old fabric was stretched out pretty badly. So last Thursday I only accomplished to pin the back and front pieces for the backrest together. If I'd been a contestant on Project Runway Heidi Klum would have sent me packing with her You're out! Auf Wiedersehen! But I had my trusty Tim Gunn (aka our upholstery instructor) at my side that kept telling me to make it work...So there is hope for the next round.



  1. Ugh, so sorry to hear. Chin up...You'll get there. The chair will NOT win.

  2. Theresa, I already fought the next round and it looks like I got the upper hand again.


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