Friday, June 8, 2012

pimp my bike

As you might already know I'm an avid biker. I like to take long bike rides and if the weather is nice (no snow or rain) I bike to the train that gets me into the City. You can see my bike below, it is about half my age and I already rode it to high school because there were no school buses and the closest public transit bus station was about a 15 minute walk away. Getting to school on my bike took 15 minutes so it was the most feasible option, provided there was no snow or epic downpour.

I love the basket that is on my bike in the photograph but sadly the bike fell over one day and the basket broke. Since then I have been on the hunt for another basket. I would also like to introduce some color to my bike so the yellow milk bottle basket (11) would be perfect. Or should I go for the cute handlebar bag (9) that is made out of vintage upholstery fabric? Or keep looking?

How do you commute to work? Do you take a car, train, bus or can you walk to work? Or maybe you have to do a combination of different means of transport? 

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Remind me to tell you about my Konstanz episode called "Why I will probably never be able to ride a bike again" the next time we meet ;-) Sorry to hear about your basket though as it is/was a very nice touch. I thought I saw in one of your pictures that you have #3- I thought that was a cute touch too (or am I making this up).

  2. Oh no! Wasn't that the basket you bought yourself on vacation? What a bummer! So sorry it broke. If you're going for a replacement, I like numbers #10 and #11 the most. That tartan seat cover is cute, too! I like that you're a bike rider. You're helping save the environment by not driving! Have a great weekend, Nina. xo

  3. He he I love the "I love my bike" bell! I think the milk basket looks good, but all smallish items will fall through the gaps, like the tyre pump.

    I'd love to bike to work, but my commute is 55 km one way, I'd also love to use public transport, but it would take me 2 hours one way and it only takes me 45 minutes with a car. I hate that we now have two cars. If we ever deside to move we should really investigate where so we would not need two cars.

  4. I like the milk bottle basket, partially because it is a cheery yellow!

  5. homestilo, good eye and memory! I posted a picture of my bike with the I ♥ my bike bell a while back. I will remind you to tell me the story, hope it's not too traumatic...

    Erin, yes that was the bike I bought on vacation. I can still use it but it doesn't look pretty anymore. I try to be green but I have to admit i like driving my car too ;)

  6. onshore, biking 55km one way would be a bit much and I understand why you ride your car, I had to commute almost two hours each way by train to work for 5 years, it's pretty exhausting...

    rooth, yes, the yellow makes me happy too!

  7. I do a combination drive/ride with/on my folding bike. My commute is too far for me to ride the whole way, so I do a sort of park and pedal. For just running errands, I take the bike unless I'm planning a BIG trip at the grocery store. I have a couple of those collapsible metal mesh baskets on a rear rack. I like them because when I'm not carrying anything, I can just close them and they don't slow me down when I'm riding. They also don't get in the way of the folding - but I don't imagine you'll have that concern.

  8. No. 10, No. 10! :) Gosh, that basket is so pretty and intricate. I think my daughter's music teacher has that same basket on her bike. I love it. Check out that cool seat in #2. Oh, I am definitely loving how your pimping your ride.
    We do a combination of walking and biking. Though, we don't have that far to go, about a 1/2 mile.
    Have a great weekend, Nina. Hope you get to do some riding and enjoy the weather.

  9. I love 11 and 12!! So awesome! I live up a 4WD road and a fair way from town so i don't ride often, but just today i got my 5yo a great second hand bike for $5! Enjoy pimping your bike xx

  10. Loved this post! Unfortunately I commute into central London by train (sometimes tube), AND bus! It’s the absolute worst part of my day. Service is notoriously bad and last week, it took me over 2 hours to get home. I have been toying with the idea of cycling for ages now but the London traffic really intimidates me. I guess one day I will just have to bite the bullet and give it a go – and after seeing your cute little bike, I am more determined than ever! I really love the milk bottle basket!

  11. cool, I just ordered the bell in pink :-)

  12. Theresa, unfortunately I didn't get any biking done but still had a great weekend! :)

    Leah, I saw the cute bike on Instagram. What a great deal too!

    Meghan, I have to admit your post about the beautiful girls on bikes inspired me to write this post! You can ride the streets of London! I was really scared of traffic in New York at first but it gets better with time and I drive really defensive. Better safe than sorry...

    Ms K, thumps up! :)


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