Monday, June 4, 2012

week twenty two

Wow it's already June! I still can't believe how fast this year is passing by...

On Saturday we were very busy getting our house ready for a friend who will be staying with us for a week. The guest bedroom was a mess, I stored boxes with the remaining flea market stuff in there and the bed hadn't been made in months...Now the whole house sparkles and we're looking forward for K's arrival on Saturday! We also hung a towel rack and some artwork in our upstairs bathroom. When I first hung the towel rack I missed the wood blocking behind the drywall about a quarter of an inch and it fell off the wall after a while. I patched up the holes and let the spackling paste dry. This was about 9 months ago and on Saturday I finally sanded the spackled area and touched up the paint. Don't know why I didn't do this sooner because it only took me about half an hour. Also I did all our laundry and even folded everything right when it came out of the dryer but I had a little washer/dryer accident and a woolen shirt got mixed up with the hot wash and landed in the dryer too. You can see the outcome below ;)

Sunday we did the Jersey City Ward Tour organized by Bike JC with a group of friends and after stopped by a friend to celebrate her birthday with a bbq.

Hope you had a great weekend as well!


  1. What a view of the outdoor celebration - I like it!

  2. What is that big and small shirt?
    I like that factory picture.

  3. rooth, it was a lot of fun!

    onshore, I edited my post totally forgot to mention that this was a washer/dryer accident. Put a woolen shirt into the washer/dryer and it came out shrunken like this. It's laying on one of my tees ;)

  4. Hahaha that teeny tiny shirt cracks me up. Although what a pain! I hate when that happens. I'm guilty of doing that to a sweater once. That's definitely a mistake you only make once!

    I commend you for folding your laundry the moment it came out of the dryer. I'm such a delay-er when it comes to that. I can have clean laundry sitting in the dryer for days before I muster the energy to fold it. And then once it's folded in the basket it takes another few days to put it away! Haha.

    Your bike tour sounds like so much fun. I want to see pics of the before/after guestroom and the new towel rack. Have a good week!

  5. I am in the process of doing some home organizing and spiffing up too for guests that will arrive a week from Friday. So many projects that I have put off for too long!

    Hope you are well and hope to see you a week from this Saturday for my birthday celebration....if you are free would love to see you, feel free to bring whomever (I think we are like 25 people or so so far....) :o) Jill

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend (minus the dryer mishap!) And isn't it annoying when you miss the stud on the wall??
    Hope you have a great time with your friend K!

  7. Sounds like our guest bedroom! We're having company next week and we've got to get the whole house in shape. I've destroyed it with my furious jewelry making. Arrrgh.

  8. I feel the same Nina, I cannot believe it is already June. This year is passing in a blink of an eye. The garden party view looks great, I wish I had a garden, too.

  9. Wow, you had a very productive weekend. House guests will certainly helps with getting motivated. ;) Sorry about your shrunken shirt. Maybe you can make something out of it. ?? Hope you're enjoying some quality time with your friend.

  10. Nina, your productive weekends put me to shame! I've got guests coming round in about a month's time and given my unique ability to procrastinate, I think I should be motivated by you to get a move on and finish those DIY projects!

  11. Erin, I'm usually not folding my laundry right out of the dryer. Have been guilty of keeping it in a laundry basket for a week and wearing it straight out of the basket ;)

    Jill, unfortunately I'm away that weekend treating my visitor to a beach weekend. But we should get together after I come back from my vacation in late June! xx

    homestilo, yes, so annoying and it happens to me all the time ;)

    Michelle, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your craft show!!!

    MrsK, I wish we had a garden instead of concrete...My friends yard is so green and lush but is also home to hundreds of mosquitoes ;)

    Theresa, guest have been a big motivator whenever I need things done. My parents might be coming in September, my goal is to finish one of the bigger projects on my list by then. I was thinking the shrunken shirt could be worn by one of my friends kids and I could put some felt hearts on it, like I did with my cardigan...

    Meghan, you have plenty of time to get ready for your guests! I procrastinated the weekend before and that was even a three day weekend due to a holiday ;)


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