Tuesday, October 15, 2013

week forty one

Only eleven more weeks and we are starting a new year. I still cannot believe it and need to start cracking the whip on myself to finish one or two more of the projects that I had on the list for this year. Week forty one passed as quickly as the past weeks and because I finally need to catch up on sleep while I have the chance, I decided to take this week off from blogging again. I will be back with posts about my Open House New York impressions and the progress of the backyard. The site I volunteered at had amazing views (see below) and the rest was not too shabby either, actually it was a quite amazing apartment.

Hope to see you all back here next week!


  1. Your views looked inspiring and amazing, Nina! Makes me hope HGTV will soon do another Selling NY soon! Take good care of yourself, dear. XO

  2. Hug life! Adorable. Good luck this week and I'm looking forward to the Open House post! xo

  3. oooo, OHNY looks like so much fun! i can't wait to hear about all you saw. have a good week and catch up on your zzz's. xo


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