Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Found this chair in the ready for pick up garbage pile at my office today. I needed to rescue it from the lurking doom of ending on a landfill. Unfortunately the plywood armrest is cracked but I will think about how to fix it once I got the chair home. It's sitting behind my desk at the office for now. Will have to drag it onto the train with me on Friday...



  1. This chair has the look of the Fauteuil chair by Robin Day. They are beautiful chairs. We almost bought one 9 years ago which was damaged but at the time we thought too expensive...kicking myself now though! Great find! : )

  2. Had to google the Fauteuil chair and my find really resembles it a bit.

    Almost finished with fixing up my chair. Only need to reupholster the seat but can't decide on a fabric. The more fabric samples I have the harder it gets ;)


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