Saturday, April 16, 2011

one year ago

One year ago we became home owners...Never thought that would happen because we were happy renters, always made the apartments we lived in our own, mostly without asking permission from the landlords though ;)

I started this blog two days after our closing day to document the progress of making this house our home. Mostly for ourselves, family and friends but everybody else is more than welcome to read this little blog too. Happy about everybody that pops by :) Thanks for reading my ramblings about our house!

Usually I'm not big on writing, love to read but I'm not much of a writer myself, so writing this blog is kind of a big deal for me...Enjoying the ride so far and I hope you do as well!

Today I want to share a scan of a copy of an old document
the previous owners left for us on the kitchen counter. It shows our house ca. ?. There is a date on the copy, dating the document at 05/09/38, not sure how accurate that is. Aren't the shingles and the windows lovely? It looks sooo charming and much better than the current vinyl siding. The entry door seems to be different as well. Hope to restore some of the exterior charm someday. I'm also on the hunt for more old pictures from our area and the house. The second picture shows the house two days after closing and besides the new roof it still looks pretty much the same as it did that day.

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  1. How cool! Our city recently published a book of old photos and our house was in one of the pictures. It was so neat to see our house as it was when it was first built. Your house is really cute!

  2. Oh, that's so cool that your house is in a book!

    I hope I'll find out more about our house soon...


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