Tuesday, April 5, 2011

door handles

Our door handles are a hodgepodge of cheap fixtures in different finishes. Except the one on the left in the last row. This one came with a door I found on craigslist which we want to turn into a sliding door for the upstairs bathroom. Hopefully this is a project I can cross of my list soon. Once it's done I will be be posting more about that door.

OK, back to the door handles...Most of them are attached to cheap and crappy doors but some doors will be looking nice after a coat of paint and updating the hardware. So when Gracious Homes had a 40% off sale on all Omnia hardware I had to take a closer look. We both liked the lever "12" (see 2nd photo) in brushed stainless steel because it is simple and would be a nice contrast to some of the old details in our house. There is actually only one original door in our house, which is quite sad. It is the one that leads from the entry vestibule into the hallway but it is missing its door handle. Maybe I can use the one from the craigslist door. We'll see...



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