Sunday, June 5, 2011


Saturday we took a stroll around Hoboken. This time I finally had my camera with me to take a picture of the Clam Broth House sign. Have always had an affinity for old signage.


Clam Broth House

The Clam Broth House (1899–2004), was a landmark building which was condemned by city officials because of structural failures caused by construction workers, and destroyed in 2004.

The Clam Broth House attracted more attention than usual, because of the giant hand-shaped signs. There were two giant hand-shaped signs, one hanging on the outside of the Clam Broth House that pointed downward towards the entrance, and one on a neighboring building (which is the only sign still there today). In addition, there was a third, smaller hand-shaped sign. The Clam Broth House opened in 1899.

There were cracks and bulges in the building's facade prior to the building's destruction, and the facade also buckled in May 2003, causing it to be shut down.

The Clam Broth House reopened in 2010.

source: wikipedia

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  1. Fantastic sign - the rust stains just add to the charisma! It would be a real shame if this was ever scrapped.


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