Monday, October 1, 2012

week thirty nine

Wow, today marks the beginning of October. Where did September go, didn't it just start?

My parents left on Friday and because P is on a business trip I had the house to myself all weekend. Of course with so much time on my hands I made an ambitious to-do list. Ever since taking the Blogging Your Way class I wanted to add an about page and a menu bar to my blog, so I wanted to use this weekend to get these things done. May I remind you that I took the class last October! Also on my list was to give this chair one more sanding. My Dad was nice enough to already strip it and start sanding. But of course I didn't get anything done. I have to admit I have spent my weekend doing pretty much nothing. Saturday night I went out to see the Global Citizen Festival concert on the Great Lawn in Central Park, that was the only time I left the house the past weekend. On Sunday I was in my pj's most of the day but managed to shower in the afternoon and switch into sweatpants and a t-shirt. Classy! Honestly I loved just hanging around reading, watching TV and mindlessly browsing the web. I guess I needed a weekend off as well because I was running on empty physically and mentally...

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend as well! Here is to a great and hopefully well balanced October!

PS. Since I obviously need a good motivational kick in the b*** to change some things around on my blog I signed up for the Blogging Your Way bootcamp to whip myself and the blog into shape. Did anybody sign up for it as well?


  1. Ha! I love those weekends where you wear your jammies all day and then you drag yourself to a shower and put on slightly different jammies! Those are the best! I think we all need rejuvenating weekends like that every so often, and I'm glad you got one.

    I'm not taking BYW this go around, but Heather from It's So Suburban is, so look out for her. Let us know how it goes!

  2. Those type of days are good, especially if you can enjoy them. I sometimes end up worrying that I have not done anything and then ruin the enjoyment of doing nothing.
    So your dad came all the way from Germany to sand your chair :D Dads are funny.

  3. I am dreaming of/desperate for an all day in my pjs moment. I am leaning towards holding off on BYW - but look forward to hearing how you like it. Have a great week Nina! PS- are you REALLY already thinking of snow (boarding)?!

  4. Your weekend sounds great! I love showering only to put on comfy sweats, those are the best kinds of weekends! Sometimes you need to just recharge and take it slow. Happy October!

  5. Your weekend sounds like perfection to me - I probably shouldn't admit this but most Sundays I take a shower and then change into my sweats... really classy I know but I love it! Let us know how the blogging bootcamp goes?

  6. I like that - a well balance October. I wish you one as well!

  7. I love those kind of Sundays too! No place to be and doing whatever. The great thing about NYC is that you always have Central Park, right? I love it there. Teri

  8. Ugh, I dealing with the same inertia (remember?). That's ok, though. Sometimes not minding the to-do list is what's needed, and giving in to just being is bliss. I'm with you on finding balance this month. One, two, three, let's go!
    PS~Didn't sign up for BYW this time around. Please keep us posted on how things go.


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