Friday, April 13, 2012

cherry tree

It's Friday! Yay! Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? I want to weed our front yard and hopefully finish sanding this dresser, which has been sitting around in our since last July. I'm almost done sanding and just want to finish it before the dresser has been in our basement for a year. We are planning to use the dresser in our living room and put the TV on it. Actually we would need a new TV as well, we have an old humungous model and would upgrade to a flat screen TV because the old one would not fit on top of the dresser. I dream of a white TV, that would blend into the background more because TV's are not that pretty to look at...

Last weekend I took hundreds of photos of the tree just to try out my new camera, it's so much fun discovering what it can do and the tree looks so pretty right now, but the weeds underneath it take away from its beauty. Also the neighbors might think we're the one house ruining everybody's curb appeal. Last year we got standing ovations from the neighbor across the street after our weeding session. So weeding time is here! 

Happy Friday!



  1. That is one cool looking dresser (and don't even get me started on needing a tv upgrade...)

    I love these trees. It must be such a pick me up to be able to look outside of your window and see that during Spring.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Gosh I really really like your door. REALLY REALLY like it. Have a great weekend!

  3. Wunderschön....!Frühling ist halt einfach die beste Jahreszeit....

  4. Wie schön - ich hätt auch gern so einen tollen Baum vor der Haustür!

  5. Those cherry blossoms are beautiful! A little Sakura of your own.
    They've promised rain for saturday. I was hoping to do some sanding too. But sunday is supposed to be nice, I really hope it is.

  6. Wow, that must have been some weeding session to get a standing ovation! Nice work! I love your pictures. We've got a Japanese cherry tree in our garden but I'm still waiting for it to blossom....maybe I should do some weeding while I'm waiting!

  7. schöne Fotos [:-)] !!

    Auf meinem Blog gibts gerade einen Mirapodogutschein zu gewinnen:
    Macht mit bei meinem Gewinnspiel!

  8. The blossoms look so ethereal in your photographs! Gorgeous!

  9. pretty flowers!!! Oh, how I dream about white frame TV as well (Samsung rocks!!!). I wish ALL electronics came in WHITE :)

  10. The tree really is a pick me up when I come home from work, as is the door. In the summertime the tree also gives us much needed privacy in the dining room. It's nice to look outside and see a tree and not your neighbors ;)

    Leena, I was lazy this weekend and didn't sand the dresser. Will have to do it next weekend. Hope you were able to sand your things on the weekend.

  11. Lovely flowers! Our appletree is quite "flowerless" this year so I wait for my tulips to bloom..


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