Friday, May 25, 2012

p's office

In February I shared how I painted a desk that had a beat up plastic laminate finish. The desk I scored for free on craigslist and a couple coats of paint turned it from drab to looking fresh again. Because P's old chair was broken and wobbly we checked out the Design Within Reach Outlet that is close to where we live and found this Series 7 chair. It was marked down quite a bit and they also had a 20% off sale that weekend. P had a gift certificate as well he ended up spending only about $50 on the chair. And the chartreuse color looks great in combination with the grey of the desk. Now you can also see where the framed pucks hang. It's so great that each of us has a room for ourselves, it's a solution that works for now. Who knows what we might need the space for in the future. 

You know both of our work areas now, I already showed my desk a while back. What does your desk/work area look like? Would you mind sharing them with me? If anybody would be up for it you could send me a picture and a description about what you like/don't like about it and I would turn it into a post. It would be fun to see where you sit while blogging...

Happy three day weekend everybody!


  1. His office looks great! Really neat that you each have your own separate spaces, too. That's helpful, I bet! Also, way to go on scoring that chair at such a discount. I love when things are on sale and then have extra discounts on top of it. Good to know that the West Elm chair I picked up at one such sale is a blatant rip off of the Series 7 chair! I didn't know before!

    I love the idea of sending you our work spaces. I'm in! I have 2 though, haha. And they're constantly changing. Let me know when you want the pictures by and I'll shoot them over. Cool idea!

  2. This really looks great. Well, my work area looks a lot like my dining table...oh wait, that's because it IS my dining table. But if, er when, I finally get my home office in place, I will definitely share with you. Happy long weekend to you too!

  3. That chair looks marvellous with the gray desk. Our office space is a mess, but where I actully blog is on the sofa, so I'll send a picture from that :)

  4. It would be fun if you guys could participate and send in images of your work spaces by June 17th. I could turn it into a post and post it the week after while I'm on vacation. But I will also email you as well...Thanks for considering! :)

  5. Great job on the chair, Nina! I agree, the color is a nice pop against the grey. We have those same chairs in red for our dining room. (Easy to keep clean. ;)
    I would love to participate in your workspace post. Though, I have already shown a photo of my workspace on my blog, so I don't know if that disqualifies me. :)

  6. Theresa, I would love for you to participate! It doesn't matter if you already showed a picture on your blog.

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  8. What a wonderfully color balanced room. I LOVE sprinkles of BRIGHT colors in the office ... think it makes us feel happier. Thoug, my office has more of a SPLASH than a sprinkle of color = def makes me happy! I'll send u pics/links :)


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