Monday, November 11, 2013

week forty three through forty five

Hello! Do you still remember me? The past two months I was so busy at work that I put my life on hold and only wrote this blog once in a blue moon but hopefully now that my workload is back to normal I will be able to ease back into blogging. Besides work other exciting things happened, I volunteered at Open House New York again, our backyard remake is almost finished etc. There will be posts on everything that happened very soon. Oh and there are a couple of things I want to cross off my to-do list before the end of the year, which will give me lots of material for posts as well. One thing that needs to be crossed off my list is creating a gallery wall in our living room, the frames have been piling up for years, now it's time to change that...Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week!


  1. exciting! i can't wait to read all your upcoming posts! i am glad your workload is resuming it's normal amount, and just in time for you to enjoy the holidays. xo ps i love that dunder mifflin paper! hilarious.

    1. Yeah, the Dunder Mifflin paper had me cracking up too. Looking forward to a productive yet peaceful and relaxing time leading up to the holidays.

  2. Hooray! You come back and I drop off the face of the earth! I've missed your posts, but I'm glad you've just been busy and not, you know...gone! Can't wait to see all of your projects and have you back around these parts! XOXO

  3. Nina, don't I know it. So glad you're back!


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