Friday, April 20, 2012

2 years - living room

Next part of my little recap on what we've been up to during the two years owning our house is our living room. The living room had great bones, just like the dining room, but needed a little bit more work than just a coat of paint. We didn't like the closed fireplace and wanted to open it up to look like the one in the dining room and thought we just get rid of the row of bricks covering the opening and call it a day. Unfortunately it wasn't that easy and it took a while to figure out the best looking solution. Because it took us quite a few steps and a long time to make the fireplace look nice I will be giving the fireplace makeover it's own post next week. 

See the door on the left side of the fireplace? It didn't make any sense to us because it leads to a small hallway that had 4 doors (one from the living room, one from the main hallway, one to the guest bathroom and one to the guest bedroom) and not much room for anything else. So we closed the door opening and put a coat rack for our guest on the other side and will be hanging pictures on the living room side. Also we won't see our guest running to the bathroom when we are sitting on the couch. Guests have their own little private space now. Big improvement! We already owned all the furniture you can see except the bookcase which is actually the IKEA Bestå System. When we moved to the US we brought some of our furniture with us (it was paid for by P's company) and because we didn't bring a coffee table we used my metal storage boxes as make shift tables and nine years later we still don't own a "proper" coffee table. We'll see it might change, it might not.

And yes I took a stone sculpting class and made both sculptures in the living room. I really enjoyed it, to me it was really relaxing to chip away at the stone and turn it into something new. After finishing those two pieces my teacher teacher moved away and now I don't really have time to do it anymore. Maybe I should pick it up again...

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow! It looks fantastic. I love all these little nooky sunrooms you have. What great bones you had to work with! Can't wait to see the fireplace post, it is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. I can't believe you made those sculptures!!! The living room looks really great by the way

  3. Such an impressive job! Everything looks so fresh and I love your sculptures. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Really, another amazing room transformation! Your sculptures are amazing, I can't believe you made both of them. The fireplace looks a million times better, so congrats on that. It must have been a huge process and I can't wait to see its finaly reveal next week :) Your house gets so much natural sun-light, I'm so jealous. Those makeshift coffee tables are great, you get some added storage out of them, plus they're beautiful. I cant believe those bookshelves are from IKEA! I love the drawer parts at the bottom. Also, cute Ampersand pillow!

  5. I love your coffee tables! oh and I so wish we had a fireplace. Your's looks excellent, can't wait for post of it.
    Can we have a closer look at your sculptures? They look great.

  6. Well done on removing the door. And I for one love a coffee table that has double function (like extra storage)
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Thank you girls! :)

    Erin, the Ampersand pillow is from Crate & Barrel. Just bought it a couple of weeks ago.

    Leena, unfortunately both fireplaces are non-working but they look good ;) I'll take a couple of close up pictures from the sculptures soon.

  8. Once again - you did such a great job! I just love how you manage to get an airy modern space that looks very "gemütlich" at the same time. And I think I have to steal your lamp and pillow too :))


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