Monday, April 30, 2012

week seventeen

Can you believe that tomorrow is already the first of May?

Past week has been full of surprises. Tuesday I saw my first groundhog sitting in an empty lot munching away. I stopped to take pictures and a guy on his bike stopped and asked me if this was a guinea pig. I didn't know that they like to live in cities too...On Thursday I went to the launch party of Tommy Hilfiger's Promise Collection at his 5th Avenue Store with a friend. You can read about the event on my friend's blog. On my way back I snapped the picture of One World Trade center in the clouds. Can't believe how tall it has gotten...

During the weekend I have been pretty busy going through all my possessions (books, shoes, clothes etc.). I ended up with a pile to be thrown out, another pile that I will try to sell at a flea market with a friends next weekend and a third one that went back into the closet. I have a hard time to let go of things and would like to keep everything but there were a lot of clothes that just don't fit anymore and why should I hang onto something that I'll never wear again. Everything is neatly stacked and arranged by color now, I will have a much easier time finding things. Now the question is how long can I keep my clothes organized...

Are you organized when it comes to your closet or bookshelves? How do you arrange things? By season, color, style etc.?

1. groundhog 2. Promise Collection cab 3. One World Trade Center 
4. my beloved vintage Wrangler boots 5. wall in Williamsburg 
6. cat in thrift store (I miss having an animal at home)


  1. That groundhog is so cute! I didn't know they lived in cities, either. No wonder you were perplexed! Tell us more about that Tommy Hilfiger party, were there any celebrities there? Did you get a free gift bag of goodies?

    As for my closet I try to sort things by color and for the most part I succeed in this, but every few months I have to go through my dresser drawers and peel back all the haphazard piles to the bottom layer of stuff I never wear (either because I don't know it's there or because I don't like it). I'm a pretty regular donator to Goodwill or the Red Cross thrift stores in town, haha.

    Love those boots!

  2. The look on the groundhog's face is priceless. I am organized in the sense that I have things arranged by color and item (all skirts together,etc) but I definitely don't clean out my closet as often as I should.

  3. Well, if that Promise Collection taxi is any indication of how cool the party was, you must have had a great time.
    Seeing your photo of the new World Trade building makes me happy. I lived in New York when the twin towers came down, so it's a good sign (of strength) that a new building is finally nearing completion.
    I bet it feels really good to have your closet all cleaned out and organized. The only organizing I do in my closet is by article of clothing...All pants together, all tops together, all dresses together, so on and so forth. I think organizing by color would look so pretty, but alas all my clothes are basically the same color. HA!

  4. Spring cleaning sounds like something I really need to get on as well. Thanks for the reminder

  5. I woke up in shock this morning over the fact that we are nearly half way through the year! It’s nuts! I had a good sort-out a couple of weeks ago (not by choice, only because we are moving). I am giving myself a month before my closets become total chaos again! I do pick up some good organising tips from Pinterest though.

  6. A groundhog! I've never seen one, but I don't think those exist in europe.

    I organize my clothes by type, and the ones I use less often are on the bottom of the pile. In the livingroom the novels are organized by colour, which actually makes no sense, it's sometimes difficult find some books. In the office where I have books about gardening, home, crafts and so on, those are organized by genre.

  7. Ground hog? Seriously I thought that was just a film......:) !!! I should definitely invest some time in a wardrobe spring clean, thanks for the reminder, now, to find the time!

  8. The party at T. Hilfiger was not as fancy but they had mini burgers and drinks. Yay!

    Theresa, Yes, it's so good to see the tower getting finished. We both have traded coasts after the twin towers came down. I was living in LA back then, although preparing to move back to Germany.

    Niki, I thought that Groundhog day was just invented for the movie but as it turned out it exists ;)


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