Monday, April 23, 2012

week sixteen

Another week went by. Phew, I just can't wrap my head around how fast time is flying by. On Monday I had a meeting in Jersey City, we were standing in a parking garage and on the roof of said garage trying to find the best solution for venting a kitchen exhaust to the outside for a current project as well as where all the equipment would be located. Thursday I finally won the fight woman vs chair in the ninth round. Will be posting more pictures of the finished chair soon. On Saturday we dusted of our bikes and did a bike tour along the Hudson on the west side of Manhattan. We started on 33rd Street and almost made it up to the Cloisters, around 190th Street. On the way back we biked to the World Trade Center, took a train back to New Jersey and had to bike a little more to get home. All in all we covered about 25 miles (about 40 kilometers), which is about half of what I'll have to bike in two weeks during the 5 Boro Bike Tour. After we got home around 6:30pm I wanted to take a quick nap but managed to fall asleep until 9am the next day...

 1. Jersey City Powerhouse 2. Jersey City Powerhouse 3. I finished my chair. Yay! 
4. first bike tour of the season 5. the little red lighthouse 5. Hoboken Terminal


  1. These pictures are all so great. You had amazing weather on Saturday for biking- hope you enjoyed it. It also sounds like biking could be a cure of insomniacs?

  2. Thank you Santa! The weather was perfect for biking on Saturday, I really enjoyed it. Maybe I should get biking as a cure for insomniacs patented ;)

  3. Oh nicely done! My boyfriend's parents are doing the five boro bike tour as well this year and they've been training a good amount for it

  4. Chair! Chair chair chair chair!! Can you tell I'm really excited about the chair?? I had no doubts you would best the beast, and from that small picture it looks incredible! Congrats on that, and an impressive bike ride. When is the 5 Boro bike ride? It sounds super intense. The most I've ever biked in one trip was 16 miles but I literally could not move the next morning, it felt like my leg muscles were fused together.

    Oh, and in response to your comment from Friday about wishing for Joey McIntyre's endless affection, I used to wish for Jonathan Knight! Haha. At least your NKOTBer turned out to be straight! xo

  5. Chair looks great Nina, looking forward to see more of it!

  6. WOW, that's a lot of biking time time .. upto 190 wow! I cruised by the hudson water as well ... but in the car (haha) heading to the play Sister Act :)

  7. rooth, I have not been training and I hope I can manage the tour. I guess the rest of my teammates will make sure I make it across the finish line ;)

    Erin, the 5 Boro bike tour is on May 6th. Last year after the bike tour I couldn't move for about a week, I had to do everything in slow motion...

    MrsK, Thanks! I will post pictures soon :)

    Ada, How was the play?


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