Wednesday, February 8, 2012

coat racks

This post comes a little late and I already got a new coat rack for the entry vestibule but I wanted to share some inspiration pictures I collected while looking for a new coat rack anyways. They are all nice in their own way but the yellow ribbon really strikes a chord with me. As of late I'm obsessing about bright colors and straying from my usual go to colors of white, grey and black.



  1. I loooooove the arrow hanger! Ooooh, now it is goign to be on my mind all day! Maybe I will get it for my office to place/hang my portolio ... hmmm, first I have to find a wall. Ok, I will analyze my office walls today to find a spot. I would like it as a brighter red ... but that could be when spray paint comes to the rescue!!!! Ooooh, dilemnas!

  2. The antlers and ribbon are fun and sweet. I also like the idea of a pop of yellow against a white wall.

  3. Great selection - your Eames is by far the coolest! I'd love to have such a sleek and timeless one too, but I think we have to go for a more practical version *sigh*

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