Wednesday, February 22, 2012

pretty in (neon) pink (and yellow)

I don't know when it started but I totally love hot pink and other neon colors. It might have started when I saw the bright colored Cambridge Satchels slung around the shoulders of some girls in NYC, it brought me right back to being a teenager when neon already had been quite popular. I remember owning a midriff baring batwing number that had neon green and white stripes. Not sure what possessed me when buying it. Batwings and stripes I still love but midriff baring not so much...

Are you in on the neon trend? 


Here are some examples how to incorporate a little color into your home...



  1. Thanks for these nice pics. I love Neon, too.
    I never thought I would be into Neon again after the 80ies. Sometimes it is odd that one loves stuff that is trendy right now, isn't it? How do they do it - is it just great marketing ;-)

  2. My fave is the neon and neutral combo that is happening at the moment. It's like neon all grown up.

  3. I'm loving it. I was too young in the 80s to take full advantage of it, but I had some fluro pieces in my youth. I love the collection of stuff you put together! That ampersand print is calling my name. Or the acid yellow/green door.

  4. Kukua, I've been wondering this for a while how they do it. I think it is because we are exposed to the trends every day and eventually we fall for them. Remember when I sworn myself that I will never get skinny jeans. Guess who wears skinny jeans now ;)

    The ampersand also comes in hot pink I think I might need that one...

  5. Yeeahh, neon rulez! Ich hab gerade letztes Wochenende einen Hocker neonpink angestrichen, der jetzt als B├╝cherablage dient :)

  6. Could we be the same age? I also wore neon in my teenage years. I have to say I'm kind of digging this trend, especially when it's paired with gray. Abigail Ahern knows how to do this trend right.

  7. Theresa, we could be. I'm 36. Love the combination with gray too but I'm a sucker for anything gray anyways.

    Inspirationsquelle, wirst Du Bilder auf Deinem Blog zeigen?

  8. I can remember the first neon/fluo trend back in the 80s - and it was simply painful! Lately I saw some nice combos of sleek grey or back or outfits with one neon detail. So far clothes: maybe - home: no/not yet.


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