Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a nice breeze

Yes, summer has started at least our temperatures have reached summer levels. Today's temperatures climbed to around 90° (about 32 Celsius). We do not have central air in our house and unless it get's brutally hot and humid we like to rely on a fan in the bedroom. Unfortunately we don't have a ceiling fan in the bedroom but P's and my office does. When it gets unbearable we bring out the big gun our portable air conditioner, so far it wasn't needed.

Here is a little selection of fans to keep you cool.

 This is what actually creates a nice breeze in my office while writing this post. More suited for a little girls room, right? For now I'm just dreaming about one of the ceiling fans from my selection...


  1. Hahaha the one in your room is so funny. It's in a bit different league than the ones on the top of the post.

    Before we bought the Charly table fan for our home we were also thinking of that Otto fan.
    The number seven looks like an alarm clock BTW. From the ceiling fans I think I like the number 1 the most.

  2. What no Dyson? Have you seen their genius bladeless fan? I still don't understand how it works.

    There's something I love about ceiling fans, they make mwe want to fall asleep immediately :)

  3. Number 8 for me please. Although, if it keeps going like it has over the past couple of days, you may need to "bring out the big guns" soon!

  4. Haha, I'm with Annie. I was in a restaurant that a Dyson bladeless fan and it felt like pure air conditioning pumping at me. I do not understand it at all. That said, I am a total baby about air conditioning, and I will happily turn it on in March if we hit a "warm spell." I whine and complain about being hot, it's not enjoyable. Living with J is the first time I've been in a place that had central air, except for 1 previous apartment where it broke twice a month, haha. We don't need to have it going full blast in our current place, though. Our bedrooms are below ground so everything stays nice a cool down there!

    Love the teenage ceiling fan with the little butterfly pulls. Do you two secretly have a 13 year old girl you've never told us about ;)

  5. Ich mag den Fünften! Den würd ich mir sofort in die Wohnung stellen :-D

  6. onshore, yes No. 1 is my favorite too!

    annie & Erin, you guys are so right I totally forgot about the Dyson fan. I don't understand how it works either. When I saw one at a store I contemplated if I should stick my hand in it but was not sure what would happen. I guess nothing will happen but was still too chicken to give it a try.

    Erin, ha, ha I was hiding my tween daughter ;) Or maybe I'm the 13 year old. The room was definitely a girls room before we bought the house, it was even painted pink.

    Frl. Kitch, ja der vintage Ventilator ist super! Hoffe auf einen Flohmarktfund ;)

  7. Beautiful fans! I wish I had an excuse to have vintage wooden ones on my ceiling, i love the colonial look. Sadly in Sweden there's not really much need but maybe I'll sneak in the yellow standing one somewhere - just for the (eh hem) cool factor -it's fab!

  8. That little yellow fan is dear! I don't get the Dysons either. I can't decide if they're cool or creepy. Growing up in East Tennessee, and now living in Virginia, I can't imagine *not* having central air. When we moved into this house it had several different zones, including those European wall units in our family room/kitchen and our bedroom. At first I was like, "Ugh." Now I love it. I love keeping the windows open in the main part of the house and freezing myself out when I sleep at night!

  9. 5,7 and 8 are so sweet! it almost makes me long for summer, but not quite {it's our first day of winter today}.. beautifully designed ceiling fans feel so romantic xxx

  10. I like all these options you presented. Like you, our home does not have central air. We are lucky enough to be able to open up windows when the weather gets warmer and it seems to cool the house right down. (May have something to do with the ocean near us. ;) However, on those really warm days, we do break out our fans. I didn't realize New York was already hitting 90s. Well, stay cool.


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