Monday, May 28, 2012

week twenty one

Yes, it's Monday again but this time it doesn't mark the beginning of a new work week because we have a holiday today. The past week it has been raining on and off. At one point it made me feel gloomy but another day while walking home from the gym I enjoyed playing in the puddles of water. On the first pictures you can see the view I get when I'm sitting at my desk at the office. If the weather is nice I can see the Empire State Building right next to the highrise building but it sometimes disappears when it's raining, snowing or it's foggy. When I first started my job I needed to look at it every 5 minutes to remind myself that I am really working in New York.

Because we are having a three day weekend over here I made a huge to-do list and so far I was only able to cross off one thing. Sigh... But today is another day and maybe I can cross off a thing or two. Maybe my to-do list was not really realistic anyways.

- front yard (weeding, cut back tree)
- get guest room ready for visitor
- paint step stool
- finish sanding dresser
- add blogroll to blog
- add menu bar to blog
- sand chair
- pack return package for asos
- catch up reading & commenting on my favorite blogs

What have you been up to this weekend?


  1. Wow, what a view!!! All I can see from my desk is the motorway between Malmö and Lund- GRRR! I hope you had a lovely 'holiday' day and that you get through that fairly long To Do list!

  2. Love that first picture. Super moody, I'd love to see it full size! I love the water-tanks that exist on NYC building roofs, they are so iconically "New York" to me. Sounds like you gave yourself quite the to-do list for this long weekend. No shame in not scratching everything off! Sometimes the act of just writing things down is help!

    This weekend was pretty busy until today, and right now we're sitting on the sofa drinking beer and watching baseball with the dog passed out between us. My idea of relaxing ;)

  3. Ahh, that's too bad that the weather has been crappy. At least no snow?

  4. Hey, give yourself credit- weeding and hedge trimming is tough work! (I had way too many things on my list this weekend too)

  5. I can just make out the Empire State Building. You do have an incredible view. I totally know what you mean about reminding yourself that you work in New York. When I lived in New York, I worked in the Time building on Avenue of the Americas and I would walk by the Today show every morning. It was a dream come true.
    No shame in not crossing everything off your list. You'll get to everything eventually. Just don't make another list until you've finished with this one. (i.e., My terrible habit. ;)

  6. Niki, a motorway is not a nice view but love that you're close to Malmoe and Lund. I love reading Henning Mankell's books and that's where they always take place ;)

    Erin, yes the view is very New York. Love all the water tanks, even seen how the built one on the roof next door.

    rooth, no snow ;) And besides the occasional thunderstorm we had pretty nice weather over the weekend but it was pretty crappy at the beginning of the week.

    homestilo, I know and will slowly work on crossing off the things I didn't get to so far.

    Theresa, Yes, if you know the building is there you can make out a faint shadow. I already started another list but will combine the two and set a more realist time frame on when to finish it.


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