Monday, May 14, 2012

week nineteen

Wow, another week just flew by! Well when you are busy time flies...

I found another chair on the street last week on my way to work, it stood there on a corner right next to a trash can in the rain and I had to take it home. Yes, I am a chair hoarder! Ok, first I had to drag it to the office and on Friday I brought it home. I had P meet me at the Path station so I didn't have to take it onto the bus. People looked funny at me on the train after I sat down on my chair and started reading a book. It needs a good sanding and I'm not sure if I should paint, stain or just keep the natural wood. I think I will know after sanding it. Don't really know when I'll be able to get to it because I still have about a thousand other projects to finish first which is kind of frustrating me right now. The more I think about it the less I get done and the more frustration builds up...

On Wednesday I went to an event in Long Island City, the venue had a great view of the NY skyline. They served prosecco mixed with Fragoli, a wild strawberry liqueur. So good!

On a happy note the weather finally warmed up and we were able to hang out outside all weekend. I didn't read any of my magazines because in order to be able to sit outside I would have had to clean our backyard furniture and I felt too lazy to do it...

Have a great week!


  1. That chair does look pretty cool - where do you find these things?! No one in my neighborhood leaves out stuff like that

  2. I have million project unfinished as we speak. My approach has been to do the thing that inspires me the most. That way I get much done and I feel good when doing the projects. The old project will be done eventually, I will find the inspiration to do them later.

  3. You are clearly a "cool chair sitting on the side of the street" magnet! Great images, as usual.

  4. Leena, that is my general approach too but then sometimes I feel I have so much on my plate and it will never get finished. But feeling better about it now. It will get done when I get to it. Whenever that may be ;)

  5. the food looks great - was that home cooked or in a restaurant in NYC?


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