Monday, May 7, 2012

week eighteen

Phew, another week just flew by. I didn't even get to write a post last Friday and over the weekend I was busy selling at the flea market and riding my bike 40 something miles. At the flea market I made $186. Yipeeeh! The money will be put into my secret stash of cash, well it is not secret anymore now is it ;) I started to put money I made selling some stuff on ebay and at another flea market into a box a couple of years ago and wanted to treat myself to something nice with it. So far I haven't found anything that makes me want to spent my secret money and the more money I save the pickier I get on what to spend it on...

Yesterday was the day of the 5 Boro Bike Tour and I feel kind of sore today. And right now I feel I never want to eat bananas again. I ate around 7 or 8 over the course of the day, they hand them out at the rest stops and I didn't eat breakfast yesterday so I stuffed my face with everything I could find. The tour ends on Staten Island and you get to take the ferry back to Manhattan in the end. They sell food & beverages on the ferry and I treated myself to a yummy Häagen-Dazs ice cream bar. It tasted heavenly!


  1. Your flea market table looks like something I would have liked to visit.

    Lot of bikers!

  2. Oh nice, the weather for that ride looks quite wonderful. My boyfriend's parents did it and only had great things to say

  3. You look so cute in your official race gear! Though I'd be sick too after eating that many bananas. Is it possible to overdose on potassium? Haha. Congrats on a big sale at the flea market! I don't have any suggestions about what to treat yourself to, but you definitely should buy something nice and extravagant! Maybe an iPad? ;)

  4. Your bike ride has me wanting to live back in the city again to partake in such events. Gosh, I bet that was a ton of fun, banana overdose aside. Woohoo on the $186 you made at the sale! The first thing I thought was that you should put the money towards a beautiful, mid-century modern piece...Something you've had your eye on. This way you will have it and love it forever. ;)

  5. onshore, there were a total of 32,000 bikers ;)

    rooth, hope your boyfriend's parents don't feel sore anymore. i can still feel my legs ;)

    Erin, I already ruled out the iPad. It's super cool and fun but I'm not sure I really need it ;) Your like a picture post last week gave me an idea though, love the leather jacket and that would be something I could enjoy for a long time...

    Theresa, a mid-century modern piece is a great idea. I've been lusting after a nice looking bar cart for a while after seeing a selection of carts on a blog...

  6. Good for you for completing the race (bananas and all) AND for raking in the dough at the flea! Although, I have to say, if I had a "secret stash" of cash, it would have been long gone.


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