Thursday, December 20, 2012

bathrooms - during renovation

As promised I have a bunch of photos from the bathroom progress for you today. Unfortunately I don't have any from the days we only had bare studs on some of the walls, it was always too dark to take decent photos when I came home after work. In the guest bathroom we only redid the walls surrounding the tub to add new cement board. When the new tile was installed I was a little scared to stick to our decision to use dark grout but once it was up I loved it. In the powder room we opted for white grout because we thought it might be overpowering the small room, the floor also got white grout because the tiles were so thin and we were afraid that the white tile adhesive might show through the dark grout. I have applied sealer to the grout twice and hope that will keep it looking fresh for years to come. After removing the banged up partitions in the powder room it was clear why it was always super cold in that room during winter, there was no insulation in the exterior walls. We already suspected as much but why didn't the previous owners go the extra mile and install insulation? In order to add insulation our contractor needed to make the walls thicker and the tiny room shrank even further but now it gets pretty cozy and warm in that room. Now you don't feel like using an outhouse anymore. The pipes underneath the floor were not insulated either and because they are in an area that can get pretty cold we were lucky that they never froze and burst in the winter.

Next was painting the walls but I didn't take much photographs of the process and will jump to the finished bathrooms in my next bathroom post. Hopefully I'll get that ready for next week!



  1. YAY! I love love love following along with this! We unveiled our guest bath to my mom last night and she loved it. I heard her moving around in there and I said to Neel, "Well, now I guess we'll find out of everything really works!" Fingers crossed. I still wish we'd gone with the darker grout like you did, but live and learn. xo

  2. It's looking great! I love before and after photos!! How fun! I love the tile, brick wall and the color on the wall. When I see posts of renovation, I sometimes wish we owned a property. :)

  3. Lookin' really good Nina - can't wait for the grand reveal.

  4. Looks so good, even at this stage! Good choice with the black grout, it looks amazing. So weird that the old owners would put insulation on an exterior wall! I'm sure it will feel a lot better now. Can't wait to see the last stages!

  5. Don't you just love finding those little surprises that the previous owners leave behind? Looks great so far and looks like you guys have been really hard at work over at No.40!


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