Wednesday, December 19, 2012

modern christmas trees

We have decorated our Christmas tree last weekend and it looks like it does every year. I always use the same ornaments in silver and white, although every year I buy some extra ones. There can't be too many ornaments in the tree if you ask me. I love the look and mostly the smell of a real tree in the house but on the other hand when thinking about it, it is a little weird to drag a dead tree into the house and decorate it with baubles. That's why I searched the depths of the internet to great looking reusable trees that sometimes already look great on their own and some you can decorate like your regular real or fake tree. I can't even decide which one would be my favorite. Maybe I need a tree for every room in the house...

What does your tree look like? And what do you use to decorate it?


  1. I do really like the number 5 and 7. Love the shapes, but in general I'm a bit against of the reusable tree. Mainly because I do not want to keep such a big thing stored for 350 days in box, wasting space is also a waste of resources. I cannot be too worried about cutting a few trees for the holidays, when one thinks of the huge amounts of trees that are cut normally for other purposes. But I do think the Christmas trees should be recycled accordingly, they should not be taken to the dump.
    And sorry about the rant :D

  2. You've found some really awesome trees. I have a reusable tree that sorely needs replacing - the thing has been through two moves and over 5 years. It needs to be retired. On the other hand, we switched up the ornaments this year and went with red and silver instead of the red and bronze that we usually do. Its been fun to pick out new ornaments and also make the tree look a little bit different than it has in the past

  3. Oh, number 10 is so beautiful! I never would have thought to make a tree on the wall. Maybe I'll try this next year, the results are spectacular. I want to see your tree! Ours is a classic fir, maybe 5.5' tall, and we have red and silver and green ball ornaments on it with lights and a bunch of other random ornaments that we've accumulated. Including a little one of Fitz! Maybe I'll share that on the blog, it's really adorable.

  4. i happen to like all of your finds. i love the candle tree and i love the wall collage tree too, how pretty is that?! i have a fake tree : ( but next year i'd like to get a potted on and try to use it for a few christmases, granted it didn't grow too big to bring back in the house! our tree this is year is filled with ornaments and presents. my four year old twins keep adding ornaments (toys) to the tree daily, and the little limbs are all pointing down heavy with bling.

  5. Well, you've seen my mini tree. I always think that when I upgrade, I'll go with a white tree. But, I have to say, black is pretty bad ass.

  6. We have a small classic tree and I love to decorate it colorful. Each year I try to add one new ornament. Love the idea of collecting ornaments.


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