Wednesday, December 12, 2012

week forty nine

Whoa, week forty nine really ended with a big surprise. On Sunday morning around 4am I woke up with a rumbling stomach and about an hour later it turned out I either had a case of food poisoning or some really bad stomach bug. A couple of hours later P followed suit. So we spent Sunday and Monday in bed and/or the bathroom. Now we feel a little better but whatever got to us left us pretty weak...Oh, well my plan to sift through all my bathroom photos and give you a before post on the bathrooms had to be nixed but I will try to post at least the remaining three days of the week even though I am trying to take things slow...

Otherwise it was a great week, we made lots of progress with the bathrooms. On Saturday we picked out the colors out of an array of grays. I chose the one for the powder room and P the one for the guest bath, with each confirming that the other one liked the choice as well. After buying the paint I started prepping for paint right away and started to work my painting magic. I have to say I love both rooms already. The only things left to paint is the baseboards, window frames and door frames. Hope to get that done soon. Then we need to clean up the rooms and I can finally show you the results. Another great thing last week was stumbling across these vintage Zodiac boots at a local Goodwill store near my office and the best part they fit perfectly and were only $15. We also got a Christmas tree last weekend, it is set up in its corner and I already put the light on it but we didn't feel well enough yet to decorate it.

How was your weekend! I bet it was much better than mine ;)

PS. Everybody in my office seems to agree that the ACME Sanitary Safe (below) was used to keep food cool in the colder month as it sits in the wall below the kitchen window. When I googled it I only found stuff about Hygiene and a lot of things about sanitary napkins...


  1. Blech, I'm glad you're feeling better now. Can't wait to see the final reveal of the restroom!

  2. That safe does not look very sanitary :)
    Outch, sounds like a nasty bug. I love your close ups on the tiling.

  3. Ugh. Sounds awful! Hope you are feeling much better now. I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for your bathroom reveal! :)

  4. Gah! Food poisoning?? You poor things! That is the absolute most horrible thing to be stricken with, I swear. You feel like you're actually going to die halfway through. Thankfully you made it out alive :) And with sexy black grout to show for it! It looks amazing, and I'm so happy for you because you're not going to have to scrub it with bleach for years to come to make it shiny white again! :) I love the gray paint color you chose too.
    That sanitary safe reminds me of something out of Downton Abbey. Where did you find it? It wasn't in your bathroom hiding behind a wall was it? That would be so neat.

  5. Oh, I hope you feel better now. I love your boots and the black & white tiles.

  6. Hi Nina,

    Hope you will be better soon, it reminds me of a food poisoning Tom and I had while we were staying in London over Christmas some years ago, it really hit us hard but luckily was over within a day or two.

    Your ACME cabinet got me curious, I always love a little research challenge and so I found this website which is like an online museum of companies called ACME, apparently it is a very popular name especially since it put them in the beginning of the telephone book at the time!.
    Here is the link to the ACME online museum:

    And this may be the company your cabinet is referring to:
    Acme Safe Co 419 Park Ave S New York, NY (212) 226-2500

    Go ahead and call them! Would be fun finding out what they do :-)


  7. Food poisoning is sooo awlful esp when more then 1 person in the household has it (yikes!) Glad u and P feel better!

  8. Glad you feel poisoning is totally something I can go without ;) Hope your bathrooms were already usable!!!

    Maybe you can mail the photo of the strange ACME safe to Probably he's interested and finds out or even already knows what it for. I love his site (just skip the latest first 2 or 3 posts and scroll down...)!

  9. Nina we have a saying in Dominican Republic: Cuando no esta preso, lo andan buscando. It means, "When not in jail, they're out looking for him/her." You just can't seem to catch a break in terms of being sick :-( But I'm glad to hear you and P are feeling better and excited to hear about your bathroom progress.

  10. You're making me wish we'd gone with gray grout, so I'm trying not to feel too regrety! Still, plenty of decisions to be made with the next one, and I lovelovelove what you've done. And isn't it amazing how weak stomach things can make you? DANG. Stay well, girl!

  11. i love all of your tiles! and those boots, what a steal at only 15$! now i want to know what the acme thing really is. that's really strange, it looks so tiny. glad you are feeling better, food poisoning is the worst. xo

  12. Thank you all for the well wishes! I already feel much better :)

    Thanks for the research tips, I will definitely try to find out more about that curios wall safe.


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