Friday, December 14, 2012

NYoy - discovering columbus

It was already the first weekend of December when P and I visited an installation by Tatzu Nishi called Discovering Columbus. And indeed we discovered and came close to the Columbus statue on Columbus Circle in Manhattan. The statue stands 75 feet tall on a marble column in the middle of Columbus Circle since 1892 but from passing it on street level I never payed much attention to it. I knew it was there and that's about it. Tatzu Nishi, an artist known for his temporary works of art that transform our experience of monuments, statues, and architectural detail, imagined a living room around the 13-foot-tall statue, complete with sofa, coffee table and TV. The wallpaper in the room was also designed by Nishi, who was inspired by the memories of the American pop-culture he experienced through Hollywood movies and TV shows he watched as a child in Japan. To get to the statue we had to climb up 6 flights of stairs and after hanging out with Columbus in his living room and enjoying the view we had to climb back down on the other side of the structure. It was such a fun experience to be able to see something that is usually high up in the sky and therefore of limits. I hope you enjoyed discovering Columbus with me...

Can you believe it is Friday again? I don't know where the week went but I am looking forward to the weekend and finishing up the bathrooms. Enjoy your weekend!



  1. That is such a clever idea for an exhibit. You wonder why they made the statue so tall to begin with if these are the lengths you have to go to to enjoy it! Though it does look pretty funny in that living room, like he's just hanging out. The views are spectacular, too! Have a great weekend. Unlike you, I felt like this week draaagged on by.

  2. I have to say, I'm really curious about your bathrooms. You have commented on them so much, so now I want to see how they turned out. :)

    Have a nice weekend!


    1. Ha, ha I think I might have built them up too much. Hope you won't be disappointed when they are finished ;)

  3. What an amazing experience! And thanks for the close up of the wallpaper pattern too.

  4. Wow! What an incredible installation! I love the shots of the street below!

  5. Oh we went to a craf fair too. And we also finished your christmas tree. yeah!


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